Alhamdullillah and praise to Allah for giving me another ideas to write another chapter in my e-book so called WONDERFUL-LIFE-MAYBE and hopefully it will be a great masterpiece someday. I wish it would be benefit not only to others but at least going to be a lullaby story for my little caliphs in the future. I love my life a lots. Sometimes i felt like experimenting with what myself need to go through, seeing a great person's doing their great noble job would make me think where am i standing at,what have i been through and who really i am. For sure meeting this legendary creature will inspire you for what you are going to do as the time flies.

My best time in OT (HOSHAS)
Talking about the determination will never be lasted until your body is buried and returned for good. Life is not only to be inspired but it is more to be an inspiration to others. Once you have reached that level, then you will really know and think about what is one's life supposed to be. I am still in the process of learning and of course it will never stop me until I really appreciate how much the people surround me are meant to.

Currently, I'm in 4th posting which is the last posting for year 3 before moving to the next phase,year 4. Alhamdulillah, i have done with Internal Medicine, Obstetric&Gynaecology and Paeditarics (where we have to get PASS at least 3 postings to move to year 4). Now, time to boost myself for surgical posting which i guess, the best posting among all. I know it is not an easy posting but at least i can put some enjoyment for me to learn and prevail it. For this moment, i want to say that I do love SURGERY !!!

P/s: Alhamdulillah, i got a chance to assist the doctor in OT since the HO was not around...
       [ i have a shaky hands, i need to do something if i want to continue with surgery in the future :(( ]

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