(",) All about "Pocket reference for ECG made easy"

Assalamualaikum...(kaifa Halukum??)

        As i promise to you before in the previous entry ECG made easy, actually this is just my own review about the book and either you like it or not it's up to you. I'd like rate this book..ermm 3 and half stars . The book is really good because it is handy, easy-to-carry and it highlights the important point to understand the basic knowledge of ECG. The book comprises of 9 chapters :

  • Chap 1 : Anatomy and physiology (revision from our previous BMS)
  • Chap 2 : Basic Electrophysiology (very important chapter)
  • Chap 3 : Sinus mechanisms
  • Chap 4 : Atrial rhythms
  • Chap 5 : Junctional rhythms
  • Chap 6 : Ventricular rhythms
  • Chap 7 : Atrioventricular blocks
  • Chap 8 : Pacemaker rhythms
  • Chap 9 : Introduction to the 12-Lead ECG
Actually, i'm not finishing it yet (ye la kan...this is not a novel, mag. or what)..which i think, don't need to rush finishing it because it is a story of 3 years next (i mean clinical years) just afraid of "cepat habis, cepat plak lupa"..but so far, it is a good production...the book is written based on the various reference textbooks. It provides us of how the waveforms are drawn and why each waveforms are shaped like that. Besides, it tells us how to analyze the ECG strip and the methods to assess or measure the rate of the rhythm. The most important is, it compares the normal and the abnormal ECG strip in each rhythms with a brief description.

Alright, i think this review is more than enough to talk about the book, so i hope it will be beneficial and give you a simple description about it. If you want to get more information just "GOOGLE" it and honestly, there are many other books which are better to give a detailed explanation about ECG.. 

P/s: I'm just a mediocre student and it is my pleasure to give something from my little knowledge and of course I'm so glad to share about it .

(",) ECG made easy....


              It is nearly 1 month staying at home, saying no to any thick-books (you get what i mean right??), saying no to colourful pen & lastly saying no to beautiful notes (ehem2..). So now, try to arrange the time and gain the momentum back before it starts leaving me behind since the clinical years will be start within 2 and half months' time...and InsyAllah it's gonna be fine...

Alhamdulillah, last week i got the chance to spend my holiday's time with my aunties. Indeed, an 8 hours' journey was nothing compared to the opportunity to see them especially the new member of our family, adik Imman Izzati...I'm praying to Allah to give her the good health and growing up to be a pious and virtuous daughter someday. The next day I took a good time pusing2 KL without any exact destination. Then after 1 hour walking aimlessly,  i decided to take Monorail which heading to Titiwangsa and akhirnya berkesempatan singgah di Kedai Buku Kamal...Sempat la beli 2 3 buku...So, 1 of them is Pocket reference for ECG made easy by Barbara Aehlert. 
Why ECG?? It is basically an advice from my bff who now studying medicine in UITM and my seniors (Ye la kan klu kite xthu, kite belajar jgn jadi bodoh sombong). Actually, this book is not my first choice to look for a basic thing about ECG but since the meant-book that i want to buy was sold out...so, i thought xpela..at least you got an idea about ECG.  Just finishing this one 1st before buying the other one (or just borrow it from the library).. InsyAllah if i get a good time, i'll try to write a review and a sneak peak about the chapters within. 

Determination + Efforts + Tawakkal = Great Job
This is what i meant
P/s: thanks mum for a new toaster oven (bolehla sape2 nk share any new recipes.. )

Clinical textbook Yr 3

Assalamualaikum...sawadee krab !!!


salam kak fiza nk tnye...boleh tak akak msg..buku apa yg akak guna dulu masa medical student?? yg akak rasa a must series la..
IM, OnG, Paed, Surgery...

Kak Fiza :

Ya Allah, Fizul.
Mintak maaf ye, baru perasan message yang tak berbalas nih. Huhu~

Moga tak terlambat.

Oxford Handbook
Davidson/Kumar & Clark
Short Case Handbook by UM Press
Neurological Handbook by UM Press (a must book)

10 teachers
Labour Room Protocol
Kedah Labour Room Protocol is quite comprehensive
Kulentran's (some of the topics)

Buku bunga Matahari
Paeds protocol (super important)
Nelson, etc

Garden for the basic input
Burkitt is my favourite, I never use Bailey and Love
Schwart is the thicker book Mr Faidzal ask me to buy during my HOship since I want to become a surgeon
Browse for the clinical aspects, and lots of useful pictures
Mini book from OSCE (beli kat Cheng, warna pink)

Ni sekadar penambahan kepada naurah punya....kalau korang nk wat rujukan la...


(",) Best Award goes to...

Assalamualaikum...salamat ko!!!

I should post this entry 2 weeks ago , but since the words are rather quicker than an action to put through...but anyway... Alhamdulillah, the result of our 1st professional exam already announced...Kepada yang dah lulus, tahni-ah dan kpd yang diduga oleh Allah...insyAllah (masih berbaki sebulan kalau xclap) masih ada ruang untuk memperbaiki result yg sebelum...Doa kami dr warga 13th Legacy sentiasa bersama kamu...

Allright, nak komen pasal MAHABBAH 13th legacy ermm...baca kat cni je la Mahabbah and it was done very well (malas plk nk tulis), and i think it was too late to rate that programme...so far.

Cuti,,oo,,cuti...pendek pun susah, pjg pun susah.... It is just 2 weeks...but start to miss my friends (xkesah la korang kat mana). Biasala kan, belajar skali, makan skali dan "gila-gila" pun skali..mustahil la x rindu.. 

If the 1st few days of holiday, i tried to click the "like" button of all FB-post..you know why??.. i wished and really hoped that my friends won't forget me for the whole 3 months holiday...but now just kept silence in a while (xthu la sebab apa)...dah xkesah kut...., perhaps I AM NOT MEMORABLE... sob*sob*
(i don't mind if they do not remember me....asalkan i won't forget them)

Anyway...best award goes to...me myself la.. Apakah lagi dugaan hari2 mendatang???/

jom layan..comel sangat kecik ni..harap2 la dpt ank mcm ni !!!!ameenn (kawen pun blum lg beb)