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              It is nearly 1 month staying at home, saying no to any thick-books (you get what i mean right??), saying no to colourful pen & lastly saying no to beautiful notes (ehem2..). So now, try to arrange the time and gain the momentum back before it starts leaving me behind since the clinical years will be start within 2 and half months' time...and InsyAllah it's gonna be fine...

Alhamdulillah, last week i got the chance to spend my holiday's time with my aunties. Indeed, an 8 hours' journey was nothing compared to the opportunity to see them especially the new member of our family, adik Imman Izzati...I'm praying to Allah to give her the good health and growing up to be a pious and virtuous daughter someday. The next day I took a good time pusing2 KL without any exact destination. Then after 1 hour walking aimlessly,  i decided to take Monorail which heading to Titiwangsa and akhirnya berkesempatan singgah di Kedai Buku Kamal...Sempat la beli 2 3 buku...So, 1 of them is Pocket reference for ECG made easy by Barbara Aehlert. 
Why ECG?? It is basically an advice from my bff who now studying medicine in UITM and my seniors (Ye la kan klu kite xthu, kite belajar jgn jadi bodoh sombong). Actually, this book is not my first choice to look for a basic thing about ECG but since the meant-book that i want to buy was sold out...so, i thought xpela..at least you got an idea about ECG.  Just finishing this one 1st before buying the other one (or just borrow it from the library).. InsyAllah if i get a good time, i'll try to write a review and a sneak peak about the chapters within. 

Determination + Efforts + Tawakkal = Great Job
This is what i meant
P/s: thanks mum for a new toaster oven (bolehla sape2 nk share any new recipes.. )

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