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Assalamualaikum...(kaifa Halukum??)

        As i promise to you before in the previous entry ECG made easy, actually this is just my own review about the book and either you like it or not it's up to you. I'd like rate this book..ermm 3 and half stars . The book is really good because it is handy, easy-to-carry and it highlights the important point to understand the basic knowledge of ECG. The book comprises of 9 chapters :

  • Chap 1 : Anatomy and physiology (revision from our previous BMS)
  • Chap 2 : Basic Electrophysiology (very important chapter)
  • Chap 3 : Sinus mechanisms
  • Chap 4 : Atrial rhythms
  • Chap 5 : Junctional rhythms
  • Chap 6 : Ventricular rhythms
  • Chap 7 : Atrioventricular blocks
  • Chap 8 : Pacemaker rhythms
  • Chap 9 : Introduction to the 12-Lead ECG
Actually, i'm not finishing it yet (ye la kan...this is not a novel, mag. or what)..which i think, don't need to rush finishing it because it is a story of 3 years next (i mean clinical years) just afraid of "cepat habis, cepat plak lupa"..but so far, it is a good production...the book is written based on the various reference textbooks. It provides us of how the waveforms are drawn and why each waveforms are shaped like that. Besides, it tells us how to analyze the ECG strip and the methods to assess or measure the rate of the rhythm. The most important is, it compares the normal and the abnormal ECG strip in each rhythms with a brief description.

Alright, i think this review is more than enough to talk about the book, so i hope it will be beneficial and give you a simple description about it. If you want to get more information just "GOOGLE" it and honestly, there are many other books which are better to give a detailed explanation about ECG.. 

P/s: I'm just a mediocre student and it is my pleasure to give something from my little knowledge and of course I'm so glad to share about it .

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Yuyun Ahmad said...

well, ada jugak la belajar ecg ni. but not in detail lah. basicnya sahaja.

Fizul Yusoff @ volvox said...

nice to know you yuyun...btul2..
actually...ecg shud be a good information whereby everyone shud know..xkesahla kan sape2 pun...mana la thu next tyme kite di'ECG'kan ker..thu la jgk...