(",) Love her so much

May Allah s.w.t bless your good deeds.....I love & miss you so much...
Hope your courages will be always beside me

:: cry without pain, stand up and love me::

to be continued....

(",) Keep me smile

Halloop!!! Assalamualaikum..

ermm..1 day without leaving any notes to be shared...new blogger + new explorer of this old stuff
Just for my own satisfaction, improve the E. writing and most likely gaining more words to be used for....
Ok...forget all about this.

 Have you thought that, what's a terrible life is this?
You have no enough time for yourself...and even to call your parents just for 1 second..
it's so cruel right?? sometimes you lie to yourself that you are happier than anyone..
but the reality is, your life is shadowed by your selfishness

:: I could stand by the side & watch this life pass me by,so unhappy, but as could be... ::

Hence, what do you live for?
Anyway, even
How much hurts you feel and
How much the chaotic life is...
Remember 1 thing....Allah is there to support you, what's the life for without the help of HIM??
Will HE leave you alone??(of course you know the answers right),so what now

Stand up high, keep your head up, be confident, and just shout out loudly that
I'm a WINNER of this life.

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(",) Monologue ...


I thought this would be the best season where i should start...SHARING & BRAINSTORMING
the ideas of what i'm supposed to face for the upcoming years. Exactly the life is tough, but i would be rather tougher to survive and fight for my right. 


It's not just for fun (mungkin kot), but more to inspire & motivate me so that all the things would be straight away to the target. The target that brought me at this distant exploring and experiencing this twisted life.

:: I'm a dreamer, distant dreamer, dreaming for hope from today ::

May ALLAH s.w.t grand me the best efforts, desire, determination and confidence to stand at this moment.
Anyway, its a pleasure for me if i can contribute even a little things with you guys from my humble knowledge and ...
Here is where the story of VOLVOX begins !!!

p/s: keep "adoring" my page at http://volvox-licious.blogspot.com