(",) Monologue ...


I thought this would be the best season where i should start...SHARING & BRAINSTORMING
the ideas of what i'm supposed to face for the upcoming years. Exactly the life is tough, but i would be rather tougher to survive and fight for my right. 


It's not just for fun (mungkin kot), but more to inspire & motivate me so that all the things would be straight away to the target. The target that brought me at this distant exploring and experiencing this twisted life.

:: I'm a dreamer, distant dreamer, dreaming for hope from today ::

May ALLAH s.w.t grand me the best efforts, desire, determination and confidence to stand at this moment.
Anyway, its a pleasure for me if i can contribute even a little things with you guys from my humble knowledge and ...
Here is where the story of VOLVOX begins !!!

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