(",) Debaran kian mencemaskan

Yeahh...finally i get to see and update this simple blog :))

Mana taknya...kept myself occupied with 2 consecutive exams previously, endblock exam of Y2B4 and 1st profesional exam. If in the previous entry i mentiond about the beginning of a Y2B4 and i still remember how tense was i in order to adapt and struggle for the whole neuroanatomy block. However,the resut was already annouced last week and the pretty fact is,everyone managed to pass and eligible to sit for the 1st profesional exam . I am really happy because it is the 1st time in the history of 13th LEGACY where nobody got f**l for the end block result. Alhamdulillah, all my blocks exams turned into the complete weapon to battle in the 1st profesional exam.

Everything is pointed to the exam, exam, exam and of course it is prmarily the bread and butter of a medical student. Revision class started and the efforts were put thoroughly so that everything could be managed within 2 week's time of revision previod. Tipu la kalau org ckp tak nervous, different people come with different perspective, style and different ways of learning...sleep pattern pun dah ntah hape2 and caffeine is another bestfriend besides the pile of lecture notes and books. The momentum of that exam wass extremely dread and only Him comforted us..

Alhamdulillah, the 1st profesional exam was done smoothly (bole jawab ke tak laen kire la).. and the enjoyment of finishing the exam was a big issue actually because sometimes the face will falsely expressed what your heart felt . Although my mum and dad are not around, their voices are more than enough to support me and for sure it is relieved.. Anyway, today will be the fate for that battle either having a good 3 months holiday with the parents or another 1 month preparation for the second chance of winning that battle. I really hope that everyone gets their strength to know the truth of today's decision..okay...no more sedih2 yup.cheers up ckit, InsyAllah it will be good.....

P/s: Allah tidak akan menghampakan hambaNya melainkan ia hanyalah ujian untuk kita terus mendekati Dia.. InsyAllah..ameennn

-Go 13th Legacy Go-

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