(",) I worth it so much ...part 1 (2011)

Alhamdulillah... The end of Y2B4 is around the corner, but Are we ready enough for the final exam?? 
and are we pretty sure that the 1st Professional exam is within our finger clicks??
xpe2..we do still have less than a couple of weeks to prepare for the runway finale (bajet model ANTM)
which i think would be so enough, if all of us are burning the midnight oil struggling for that... unless your goal is beyond the "distinction"... tp tak mustahil kan...

Actually, i would like to dedicate this entry to all my PBL members since we have been together for 2 years and today is another day to be remembered.. Bestkan group kite?? All of us were working hard and every problems have been settled in the most honour way... Jom kite recap these moments (jgn terasa kpd sape2 yg terlibat):

1) PBL with Dr. Saad

hahhaha...It was so funny... i was warned for not playing with the "cap" of my highlighter.. ermm.. tp nasib bek la...xde org perasan.. and the most memorable thing.. masa ain hm n ain syafiqah maen cuit2... dr Saad saw that then....... hahaha tkut nak crita lebih2 (kang ad yg nangis plak...)
Moral : Doctors from the middle east usually are very particular about ADAB lagi2 kita kat IIUM (Uni laen pun sama) ..so we should observe our attitude and well-behaved in the particular time and places..
masa ni la kan nk kna marah...life is tough but we are tougher,actually it was a good mental preparation before step into the challenging clinical years..

2) PBL with Dr. Imad Mustafa

entah mcm mana la die study dulu (1 of the knowledge-lover)....he knows everything (nk klentong pun tkut).. Even it is just a simple principle of x-ray pun die thu (which is far from his subject)... 
ingat Dr.Imad...ingat amirul and lakonan2 terancang... 
Perhaps Amirul was so sensitive kut (if cannot answer don't mind la kan).. just go back and study.. Ingat lg pesan dr Imad, its ok if u don't know, just go back and read... it won't be ok if u don't know but never find for it......
yg lakonan tu plk, members from the other group yg ajar.. tp alhamdulillah ia mnjadi..


hehe..sje je....ni gambar lama...masa mkn ngan kawan kat santai..

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Nurul Ain Haja Mohideen said...

haha... nice.. still remember detik2 mencemaskn n funny moments, starting frm dr.imad nafie till dr.khin maung2. learnt alot.
cool la, xd la nk nangis pn if u proceed e story.
u know wht afizul, aftr majlis restu tdi, went to meet dr. saad. n this ws wht he said to us> "i will never forget ur WONDERFUL tears. it is a positive tears and not a negative tears".
bangga giler org ingt tangisan kite, moreover, a doctor@surgeon. hahaha..bkn senang tu, hehe. together a lesson for all of us. thank u so much for ths memorable post.

shahira ismail said...

hahahha ya allah comelny post ni.rasa klu ade button like nak like sejuta kali esp part "U SHOULD KNOW THAT" hahaha
mest best jadi teamate awak pjuju.haha ain bestnya dr saad kata gtu.dia da la segak smart dan bergya!=p anway suka tgk semngt family korang!=D

Fizul Yusoff @ volvox said...

Ain HM: semalam tgk sume video n gambar family pbl 4...rasa sebak tibe2...xthu la, happy sgt knal korng... u shud appreciate him much.. he taught us a lot... pengalaman yg terburuk adalah pengalaman yg pling manis mngajar kte tuk jd tabah...

Ain Syafiqah said...

haha!malunyaa..that was one of the most embrassing moment ever..tp betul. byk lessons yg sy blaja wlupun mata dah merah mcm duit kertas spuluh rggit.he.time jumpa dr Saad hr tu, sy igt dia ckp, "if you want to be a good doc, u must act like an angel and must have the ability of self control." ehek :p malu2