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I'm more than happy if you are happy (cehh..wahhh)..hope u guys always under HIS shower of rahmah..
welcome to the 3rd muhasabah entry...actually i pun xde la pdai sgt when it comes to muhasabah slot, but if it's just for a reminder...boleh la...we're not perfect right, we need a friend to advice us which 1 is good and which 1 is not. Mcm org putih kata, "A shoulder for you to cry on"....But do you wonder, why FRIENDS??? why not PARENTS???.. 

Allright..can anyone guess, how much have you spent your time per day??or week??or month??or year?? with your beloved parents?? (except if your rumah sebelah dgn campus korang la)
- It is less compared to your time with your friends right??... That's why, the moms or dads always remind you... choose the good friends who you can rely on, not the friends that destroy you.

However,the fact is, even how much the time QUANTITATIVE-ly that you have had for your friends, but you are still looking for your QUALITATIVE time for your parents...btul tak?? So,as long as they are still alive please treat and appreciate them with the best we can do. Rajin2kanlah diri korang balik & jenguk diorang especially duk jauh ngan family... 

Money can not be exchanged with your parents' love!!!

P/s: actually this is a dedication for my friends who lost their parents... Ingatlah temanku, sesungguhnya setiap yang bernyawa akan merasai saat-saat kematian...yg membezaknnya adalah bagaimana, dimana & bila... dan tiada siapa yg mampu menduga tarikh kematian diri sendiri....

Well..xmau sedih2 jom relax layan lagu ni, all about friendship 
(tp prnah jgk nangis dgr lagu ni sbb meaningful sgt2)
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